Wind, Sky

Clear skies make watery eyes.

An allergic flare,
Curiously brought on by

Winds and Northerly climates
That a swarm of birds forecast.

It’s the beginning of fall. The brisk
Air feels like cold dew.

Clear sky? don’t

Can’t you see my eyes

Tell your coffee’s steam.

Just around    the corner is a
Brick wall of a    building.

        of a wall.

    Maybe up this way will do.

No haste,
Steady pace –

I’m wearing      nothing,
Except      clothes.

Clear skies,     cloudy

Can I?  take cover     ’round the
Corner?      there’s  a

Brick buil  d ing.

Great.  brick
A.       wall.

To evade
The masquer   ade.

Up this way Will do.

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